Lake Texoma was formed in 1944 with the construction of the Denison Dam on the Red River.

Construction of the dam came at a cost of $54 millon.
The Denison Dam was designed and constructed by the US Army Corps of

Engineers during World War II, incorporating the assistance of German POW’s.

Hydrology & Geography

Saltwater in the Red River: Over 250 million years ago, a large ocean covered the lands modernly known as Oklahoma & Texas. The body of water evaporated over time which left behind large salt deposits. The salt was eventually covered by new layers of dirt and rock, but salt works its way up through the ground into the Red River – as much as 3,450 tons per day. For this reason, striped bass are able to thrive and breed self-sustaining populations in Lake Texoma today.

The lake a surface area of over 93,000 acres.

There are a few notable cities within an hour of the lake – Sherman, Denison, & Gainesville in Texas & Durant in Oklahoma.

There are several small islands on the lake accessible only by boat.

According to USACE’s website, Lake Texoma has crested the spillway (640’ elevation) a total of five times: 1957, 1990, 2007, and twice in 2015.


The record-holding striped bass weighed in at 35.12 pounds (04/25/1984).
Lake Texoma’s top species for recreational fishing are as follows:

  1. Bass: Largemouth, spotted, white, striped
  2. Catfish: Channel, blue, flathead
  3. Crappie: White

In 2004, a caught 121.5 pound catfish temporarily set the rod-and-reel world record.
Striped bass were introduced to the lake in the late 1960’s and have since become a self-sustaining population.

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